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Thursday, July 06, 2006

:::A Trinity:::

We are a high-level trio seeking settlement in Los Angeles. As a couple we have been together for nearly 5 years, our adopted dog (child) we have had with us for almost one year. Having intentionalized this move for a while now, it is very exciting to feel it actualizing. As you will read below, we are all about living the lifestyle, but in a way which is humble, grateful and generous. We pride ourselves on our freedom and self-righteousness, but also respect the service we are here to provide and balance our days with work and play. We bring joy & celebration of life wherever we go, having been known to influence more than a few people in our lives to eat better and make healthier lifestyle choices, we are always anticipated guests and known to keep a clean house...especially kitchen.

To share our lifestyle with those who appreciate good health & simple wealth. To surround ourselves with beautiful and inspiring people and places. To bring honest love & light to the city of industry and everyone we meet.
We have decided to move to LA for the sake of our path as artists, co-creators and healers, we are confident that the universe with sync us up with all the right people to enable this plan. We have spent much time scoping out our desired region to live and the canyon-coastal regions take the cake. We hope to meet people whom we can share vision and commune with, but also to have space which is our own and special to us.
We are aware this is a competitive city and so we approach it with total humility and venerability, knowing that through trust & faith all will work out in divine order.

Thanks for taking the time to read about us!


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