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Thursday, July 06, 2006

:::M. Audria:::

NAME: Michelle Audria Floodman
AGE: 24
SUN SIGN: Capricorn
HAIR: Red Rock

OCCUPATION: self-employed massage therapist & natural chef
DESTINATION: Touring production & healing center
LIFE MOTO: Devote to the willingness to heal

BIO: Michelle is a Nor. Cal girl born and raised in Santa Rosa, prime wine country. She moved to San Francisco when she was 18 to work fashion management in the Haight for a couple years where she meet her current partner AJ. In 2002 she moved to Mill Valley in the hills of Marin to become closer to nature and dive deeper into a growing interest in Raw and living foods. She became self-employed in 2004 after the closing Roxanne's, a fine-dining raw food restaurant she worked at for 2 years. Michelle went on to build a small catering and delivery service for raw foods and produced some events & parties. She left her Mill valley home in 2005 where she lived for 3 years and kept a great relationship with her landlord & roommates. In the summer or 2005 she pursued massage therapy as another means of income while living in a studio highrise in SF. Now in 2006 she has recently completed a training course in Thai massage which was held in Oaxaca, Mexico. Her interests in alternative living, a healthy and whole lifestyle as well as a clean and inspiring environment are the driving forces on her path and pursuit as an artist. Her devotion to writing music and designing a vision will ever pervade all her interests, much of her energy is spent on readying her body, mind and soul for this enormous undertaking which GOD 'himself' has instructed of her. She truly doesn't mind the work and transform it into a blessing, giving thanks and devotion everyday is priority!

OBJECTIVE: Having lived in many amazing places throughout California, she has set a high standard of her environment & home. She prefers a clean, yet well lived-in space to create amazing meals and practice yoga and bodywork. Atmosphere design is key, some call it feng-shui but its all just the appeal of lines, angles, and colors. She needs sun as she is pretty in-touch with her amphibious side. She also needs nature and trails close. Michelle is known to practice voice & breath exercises at times throughout the day as well as sing her songs out load, but never before 11am or after 10pm, and she has worked hard enough to know she doesn't totally suck. Having an environment conducive to her artist is crucial, as well as to her organic lifestyle. She also desires to have a bathtub to soak in now & then.... Her goal is to acquire a few solid clients around the malibu//tapanga area who will contract her to work in their homes as a healer//chef or lifestyle consultant.



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