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Thursday, July 06, 2006

:::Cookie Deaux:::


NAME: Cookie Deaux
ALIASS: Whoey, silly sue, lil lassie, puppa
AGE: 9 yrs (63 in dog years although acts about 28)
WEIGHT: 35 lbs
HEIGHT: apx 2 ft

BREED: Catahoula & Queensland Healer mix
MARKINGS: Black, white & grey
EYES: brown
HAIR: short & glossy
Cookie was rescued at 1 year and taught to be incredibly loving, attentive & polite. She also has a tendency to be submissive and strangely quiet. Neither her current or past owners can remember a time when she barked or ever lashed out at a person or other animal. Shes quiet the huntress though and can run at incredible speeds, however, its never been fast enough to catch anything and chances are she would just want a sniff if she did. She was gifted to her current owners from a friend of the families in Utah. Cookie is a genuine cattle dog, she will blaze new trails all day and never tire, her smart wit and feeble nature keeps her alter and respectful to people and spaces.

Cookie is an indoor dog, however, she will spend most of her morning and afternoon soaking up sun-rays in an outdoor garden or patio. She adores the simple and quiet lifestyle but never misses her evening run. Since her recent adoption last winter she has been on a strict macrobiotic diet and eats mostly raw foods, grains and fish....its no wonder shes so gentle, well-mannered and clean! She is well trained across the board, doesn't shed much and never mistakes the indoors for a bathroom!


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