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Thursday, July 06, 2006

::Adrian James:::

NAME: Adrian James Hernandez
AGE: 29
SUN SIGN: Sagittarius
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Black
OCCUPATION: Health & music//film service industry
DESTINATION: Self-sufficient artist & business owner
LIFE MOTO: Trust yourself enough to trust everyone else!

Adrian better known as AJ, was born and raised in So. Cal. He spent much time in San Diego in his early 20's where he got involved with a popular rock radio station and began his path as an artist. Around his 24th year he made a crucial move to San Francisco to create a whole new perspective on life. After working for a high-end fashionable clothing store in the haight for a couple years, he made his way to the hills of Marin county where he lived with his girlfriend, Michelle whom he had met while working in the city. Aj teamed up with Michelle who had created a small-scale catering and delivery service for raw & organic foods. This was a major shift in lifestyle for AJ, he began to seek more knowledge into alternative living and practice it regularly as well! Together they created a healthy, clean and beautiful environment to grow within.
Today Aj lives in San Diego. It turned out both Michelle and AJ shared a similar vision in wanting to move to LA, Topanga canyon specifically, to pursue their careers as talented and creative artist.

Aj would like to live and create in an environment that is conducive to his lifestyle. He prefers to not awake until 9 or 10am unless a job requires it. Having a clean kitchen, bathroom and living space in general is important to him, as is access to trails and beaches. He is known to need space and time to practice his talents on the keyboard or guitar, he is more of a composer than a vocalist and is more interested in spending quality time alone or with a couple high-level individuals than big crowds. Fine wine now & then with a gourmet vegan meal, sometimes some fish and maybe a bit of herbal medicine, but other than that Aj is a highly disciplined and self-willed. Surrounding himself with positive environments & affirmations is not only important to his health but essential to his growth as a human being on this planet.


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